Effective branding


A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but if dragonflies had a different name I wouldn’t have been nearly as interested in them as a child.  I was fascinated by dragons, and although the relationship between the insect and the mythical creature was unclear, it was enough to give me a profound respect for dragonflies.  Other memorable bugs from when I was little were roly-polies, lady bugs, earthworms, and grasshoppers, all of which were common and easy to catch and play with.  Dragonflies however, were too quick and fleeting to observe for long.  That mysteriousness and unattainability probably added to their allure.  Since they don’t breathe fire or raze medieval villages, a renaming might be appropriate.  Considering dragonflies are among the fastest flying insects, can fly backwards and hover, and their general body shape, a more accurate name could be “helicopter bug”, and that might be one of the few names that could compete for the attention of a six year old.


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