Hot like coffee

The absent discussion in the previous post tended slightly homoerotic, so to defend my heteronormativity I’m going to overcompensate by delving into a topic on the opposite side of the spectrum.  Straight from Batman’s bulge to South Korean singers’ swinging hips.  Thanks to Psy and “Gangnam Style” most Americans got a glimpse of what can come out of Korea’s Pop music industry.  Not very many Americans seem to go far beyond that video though.  I go pretend to work at a little Korean owned cafe near my house because it is usually quiet, the wifi is good, the coffee is ok, and Korean music videos are playing at all times.  Here’s a bad cellphone pic of what that looks like:


I don’t understand the lyrics, and I don’t have a broad understanding about music theory, industry, history, or reception, I am not an authority on this subject, but I have watched hours of Korean made music videos in this coffee shop.  Based on that experience I’ve come to two conclusions about K-Pop:

  1. Gangnam Style is pretty good, but not so much better that it deserves the enormous viral explosion it has received
  2. Psy must be one of the least attractive people in the K-Pop industry

Not that he is dreadfully ugly, he just looks like a regular guy, but all the other Pop-stars look like supermodels.  for example:


I haven’t spent enough time to recognize and differentiate the Korean groups, but generally the videos are similar to the American music industry in the quality of production and in employing the same type of hyper-sexualized, not-quite-pornographic style that is eye-catching without getting censored.  Compared to Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s recent archetypal video “Booty,” they’ve taken the video producer’s basic recipe, transitions between women shaking their butts, and increased the ingredients from two butts to five and increased the transition rate from 1.2 to 3.4 butts per second.  Here’s an example with occasional English lyrics to get you hooked.  Not that the production is entirely about butts.  There’s also interesting set design, costumes, choreography, and lighting.  But ya, the butts are mesmerizing.


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