Month: March 2015

Art and Learning

lao body partsI’ve been studying the Lao language, and found drawing diagrams like this has helped me learn vocabulary.  Hearing a word once or reading from a list usually isn’t enough to make a word stick in my head.  It helps if I have an experience based around a new word or phrase to anchor the word in my memory.  Taking the time to draw and label a picture makes me focus on the words for longer and creates a more substantial memory.  Labeling the picture with only the Lao word helps to skip the translation step in my head.  Hopefully this is creates a quicker path to fluency, but at the very least it makes studying into a more enjoyable, creative process and let’s me practice drawing too.

On a similar note, I just watched this TED short video, about how analyzing art could be good practice for developing analytical skills in more practical areas.